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We are excited to be offering the SUMMER BREAK SCULPTURE PROGRAM in 2015 as well as the INTENSIVE APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM for 3 months this summer in FRANCE.

Loire Valley, France   Ojai, California Algarve, Portugal
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Private, or Semi Private, Intensive Study Programs information is available upon request

As many of you know, we have been having our USA classes for 30 years, and our France Summer Intensive Workshops have been a source of excitement for us, as well as the many students who have attended them, for the past 23 years. Instruction is for all levels.

We seek highly motivated students who are hungry for basic knowledge. We provide as many opportunities as possible for maximum learning based on individual motivation and proven group dynamics. The teaching approach is based on a profound geometric and anatomical analysis of the figure. It emphasizes boney landmarks, the weighting of planes in the creation of forms, the skull and direct observation.

We are "process" not "product" oriented teachers. We know that everyone has a multitude of creative energy and sculptural ideas waiting to come forth from within. It is our desire to give you the tools and the processes we ourselves use in order to create our own sculptural visions. We believe letting go of "product" orientation during our program will greatly free you in your ability to simply learn, allowing for the more critical, and painful aspects of the learning process to take a back seat.

For the ADVANCED student
Using our geometric and graphic approach will greatly increase your ability to objectify and "fix" your own sculptures. We believe this will diminish your dependence on teachers, giving you the professional ability you are craving, and take many of you out of the realm of "student sculptors" and into the realm of "professional sculptors". Our definition of "Professional" is not the ability to sell your own work, but the ability to create your own work.martine-sculptingfor-web
We are proud to say that most graduates of our intensive programs, whether beginner or advanced student, have acknowledged the birth of a greatly enhanced freedom to create due to the experience.